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Songwriter on a Winner

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JarrahGEELONG singer and songwriter Gavin Somers has won a national songwriting Competition.

He won the Indigenous category of the Australian Earthsong Competition for his song Say You're Green.
Gavin said he had been singing the song with his band, Jarrah, before he entered it in the competition.

"The competition was about environmental issues and I had written the song a couple of years ago tongue-in-cheek about people who say they care about Mother Earth but don't do anything about it," he said.

Gavin said the song has also had some major airplay on community radio stations and Koori stations in Queensland.

The songwriting competition was the first Gavin has entered and his success has had him "writing frantically" ever since.

His prize was $1000 and the opportunity to submit work for an Olympic Games compilation CD.

Gavin, who works as a Koori field officer for the Department of Education and Training, also plays in cover band St Kilda Vice which plays in Geelong and Melbourne.

He said music had always been an important part of his life.
"I was brought up with the country stuff and that seeps into my writing a little," he said.
"I guess you could describe my music now as acoustic rock."

As well as writing and singing, Gavin also plays guitar and "a bit of didgeridoo".
He is now preparing an entry for the Port Fairy Folk Festival songwriting competition.

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