The Talisman

Feel the power of the moon as the clouds slide by
Feel the Hunger burn inside
Is it real or a dream we seek
In this land of make believe


Oh running with the moon
Oh running with the moon
Can you see I'm falling
Hear the talisman calling
Oh running with the moon
Oh running with the moon

So I seek the man at the edge of time
He said we live our lives through a field of lies
You must ask me now if its truth you seek
Then draw close my child to hear the words I speak


So I travel on and now the stories told
With the tales of men, a chill that taunts my soul
Still I hear the words woven through my head
But I fear the words of Gods
So I run again


Still I sit and stare at the candle light
Still I hear his voice through my clouded mind
Still sting with pain and the smell of fear
Still I search my soul am I really hear




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