About Us

Kim and Eden have been in the tattoo industry for over 9 years. Throughout their careers they have gained knowledge and experience from all over the globe, though primarily in Australia where their business is set up.

They are the longest running tattooists on the whole Central Coast and have been running Platinum Tattoos for the last 5 years.

Both Kim and Eden have a passion for their art and were both born into very artistic families. They enjoy all types of designs but specialise in a few of there own.

Kim specialises in mainly animals and fantasy where as Eden specialises in celtic designs, sporting logos.

Both Kim and Eden have very artistic minds and when it comes to tattoos, you'll never find a pair of good blokes who could do a job better.

Over the many years that Kim and Eden have been Tattooing they have recieved awards and recognition from all over the world at different tattoo expos and shows. In their careers as tattoo artists they have recieved over 140 Awards between the two of them.