Tattoo care
Once we have finished your tattoo and you are happy with the completed design, it is then up to you to take care of the healing process. It's as important as the tattoo itself. Carelessness on your part could cause the design to look less than perfect. Remember your tattoo is much like an open wound while it is healing and like any open wound, is prone to infection. Although infection is not likely, it is still possible, so if any infection occurs see your doctor or give your tattooist a call.

Below are some basic tattoo care steps that we recommend you follow:

Step 1
One hour after your tattoo has been finished take off your protective patch, and gently rinse your tattoo in warm soapy water, making sure that the dried blood is removed. Then gently pat dry.

Step 2
Use BEPANTHAN cream on the tattoo approximately half an hour after rinsing allowing time to dry. Spread a thin layer of cream over the tattoo and surrounding area. The desired effect is that the tattoo does not become dried or cracked. If it does become dry, you are not putting enough cream on, and if the scab becomes moist or overly soggy you are using too much. You want to create a happy medium between the both. (Note we do not recommend savlon or any other cream)

Step 3
The clothing you wear could also hinder your tattoo. Rough edged or scratchy clothing dragged across the tattoo surface could scrape the tattoo scab before it has a chance to properly heal, leaving it patchy or missing some colour. So be careful with dressing or undressing, with clothing such as jeans, underwear and shirts etc.

Step 4
Although quick showers are advised, any other forms of water on the tattoo could be harmful. Salt water on the tattoo is like a powerful corrosive to the inks used. This could distort the tattoo or fade the colour. It also leaves the tattoo prone to infection in the ocean. Pools, spa's and sauna's and even baths could infect or soggy the scab. Remember after your quick shower, gently pat the tattoo dry and leave.


Worried about the pain
You will hear many different stories on whether tattoos hurt or don't hurt. Most people are of the opinion that although they are irritating, they are not excruciating or overly painful. The feeling is often compared to a pinpoint burning sensation, or warm feeling.
Do people pass out
Passing out very rarely occurs (1 per cent of customers) and when it does occur it is due to people who have scared themselves into thinking they will be in for a painful time. It can also happen when you have very low blood pressure. The main thing to remember is keep calm and try to relax.
Are there painless tattoos
Customers may choose to numb the area to be tattooed beforehand. They can do this with a small patch placed on the skin and left for one hour, to take effect. This can either take the pain away completely or dull the pain. During the tattoo the numbness will last for up to 20 minutes. The patch is only suitable for smaller or quick tattoos such as a small rose, small butterfly etc. The patch is available from the chemist and is called EMLA cream patch. It comes in a pack of two for around $13.00. Please inform the tattooist that you will be having a ELMA patch and he will position it for you.
Drinking and tattoos do not mix
Getting a tattoo is one of the major decisions you will make in your life, as it will remain with you for the rest of your life. So getting blind before you make your major decision would not be very wise. Aside from the fact that tattooing customers that are totally inebriated is against the law. Customers are required to sit motionless throughout the procedure. For fine lines and minute detail in the tattoo can easily be ruined.
Problems with pot
If you come to get a tattoo and you get stoned before, thinking it will hurt less you will be in for a surprise. Getting stoned increases the pain of the tattoo, compared to coming in straight.
Choosing a design
Choosing your design is choice that must be made carefully with many factors involved. Try not to choose current trend or fad designs, you will still have the tattoo when the trend changes. Be cautious with names incorporated in tattoos, according to statistics the name on your arm might be a friend now but has an 80 percent chance of being your enemy in the future. A safe bet is to choose a subject matter that has always appealed to you, chances are if it has always appealed, it always will. The tattooist will guide you on your choice of design.
Tattoo removal
We do not remove tattoos here, but in some studios they do try primitive removal methods, with some disasterous effects. We reccommend a new tattoo removal service in Bondi Junction called Lazerase. The removal is very expensive, but leaves no scarring as previous older methods used to. The smartest thing to do is make the right choice in the first place.
Positioning a tattoo
The tattooists in this shop are experienced in good placing and suitable positions. Larger designs are suitable on back or on a larger flatter surfaces and small designs can be placed in discrete or less noticable places. Always remember the impression a tattoo makes in a more noticable place or a show-off position as it could effect job plans or social circles.
Places we will not tattoo
On our walk in clientele the following rules apply:
No males tattooed in the underpants area, no tattooing on the hands, no tattooing on the face, no tattooing on the feet. Females abdomen area will be tattooed with the understanding that due to pregnancy or other female related problems in the stomach area the tattoo will be difficult to heal, due to damaged skin and tissue. The design will stretch and will become hard or impossible to fix. The same goes for lips, ears and genitals. All tattoos are done at the tattooists own discression and his decision is final.
18 year old age limit
All customers must be over the age of 18 and photo I.D. must be shown. No other forms of I.D. are accepted. In some shops parents consent for those over 16 to be tattooed is available, but is not the case in this shop. Tattooing underage is against the law and showing or using fraudulent I.D. also carries severe penalties.
Pricing on tattoos
Tattooing is a "painstaking process" and takes concentration and patience on the tattooists part. You pay for time, talent and separate sterilisation procedures. Choosing a black and white or shaded design cuts the cost considerably. The charge is $100.00 per hour. Money is up front unless the tattoist informs you otherwise. Good work is not cheap, and cheap work is not good.
Charge for original design or sketch
For original or freehand designs there is no charge for small designs. But the hourly rate does apply for larger designs or for an original back job design. A deposit must be left for larger work and a good deal of notice given before tattooing commences. A rushed design is not a good design.
In this shop you will find the same methods and equipment relating to sterilisation as are used in hospitals. We use a Autoclave, a high pressure enclosed chamber for sterilisation of non disposable expensive equipment. Also ultrasound cleaning is a fast effective way of cleaning ink out of intricate equipment. We obtain our chemicals and cleaning agents from a hospital supplier.
Health Department approved
This shop is registered by the health department under the skin penetration act, supervised by local council. If you feel the need to check, please ring the local council and reassure yourself.
PTAA member
We are also registered with the PTAA (Proffessional Tattooing Association of Australia), the largest body of longstanding Tattooist Tradesmen who hold the highest possible standard of hygiene and Artistic performance.
Secrets of the trade
We use state of the art tattoo guns, the brightest inks available and for the same reason that Colonel Sanders never gives away the secret herbs and spices recipe, we do not divulge suppliers names, how to use equipment or any other privileged trade information. We do not freely train apprentices for the same reason.