1. Create a learning/safe environment:

a). Learning environment

        TAFE Outreach Kathy can run just about anything eg parenting information

        Tutorial centre how could we use the centre and how could we help each other

        Newtrain via Jim Stokes to donate computers

        Resources such as Internet/free telephone line approach Telstra

        Job Link Plus via Anna Gaius. Perhaps contribute money

b). Safe environment

        to use facilities on a regular basis become a member 1 or 2 dollars to cover membership card etc. Only members can vote, hold office etc.

        Code of Conduct ask members what they want the code to be?

        Rules ask members

        Code of Conduct/rules incorporate into survey, send around

        Suggestion box

        Peer mediators to help with problems

        Suspension for breach of agreed behaviours, codes, rules etc

        Have police come in and get involved with leisure activities not just if there is a fight or problems

        On site adults/service providers