2. Access community health:

·         Drug and alcohol information
·         Information about sexuality etc
·         Help them make “healthy choices”
Access info on services that are available eg REFS, DOCS etc
Non-judgmental environment
Respecting young people

            a).  How:

·         Community health outreach

·         ICDAT – planning a round table for youth

·         Youth can be involved with a lot of services run through the YRCII from the ICDAT

·         Staff being trained

·         Range of resources

·         Invite volunteer service providers

·         First Aid Kit

·         Youth workers – general chat

·         Peer educators –

                              Back up system




            b). Making healthy choices:

·         body issues

·         range of health issues

·         get a doctor

·         run a dental clinic

·         your health or their health

·         run a survey