This proposal aims to fill the gap between young people and service providers. To enhance service accessibility and utilisation as well as providing a venue where young people can safely participate in chosen activities. While developing practical skills young people are enhancing their leadership, social and teamwork abilities.


To provide young people with a space in the community where they can:

- participate in youth activities

-become aware of relevant youth services

-access relevant services

-have a voice in the community

-develop leadership skills

-develop peer educator skills

-enjoy each others company away from shopping centres and street corners

-access the internet

-meet and discuss local youth needs and work together to find solutions


To provide Youth Service Providers an appropriate place to:

-engage with young people

-raise awareness of youth orientated issues

-promote service

-promote early intervention

-run relevant groups

-see clients

The YRCís aim is to fill the gap between young people and services provided for them. Currently services are often difficult to access for various reasons. Young people often are unaware of services or resist accessing due to adult orientated service environment. The YRC will provide a space for young people to feel comfortable, become involved in activities, build leadership skills and self esteem, gain easy access to services eg: Health, Department of Housing, Centrelink, Department of Community Services etc.

There is no reason why an appropriate service for young people can not be involved in the YRC. The YRC provides benefits to both young people and service providers in that both can come together to enable appropriate service use.

It is essential for young people to be involved in the development and functioning of the YRC to enhance sustainability and relevance. Young people will be supported in being vital members of the YRCís steering committee to ensure this occurs. The YRCís role will require to be flexible and change with local young peopleís needs.

This proposal highlights a coordinated approach that draws on existing service infrastructure, community members and young people to provide a range of drop in, health promotion, community development, education, vocational and clinical services to local young people in a youth focused environment. It demonstrates a whole of community approach to health and support needs of young people living in the Inverell District.

Written by: Meegan Shepherd

Child & Adolescent Intervention Programs

New England Area Health Service

Ph: 67288411