Sapphire City Festival Parade Photos
Many thanx go out to everyone who helped with the float!!!
photos by: Christopher Cook, Meegan Shepherd & Katherine Blackwell
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float being prepared at Amy's 6.jpg (34396 bytes) Amy B4 parade.jpg (32211 bytes) Face Painting B4 parade.jpg (38163 bytes) kat on float - cropped.jpg (32831 bytes)
Float at Park 4.jpg (41520 bytes) finishing touches on float at park.jpg (43139 bytes) finishing touches of float at park 2.jpg (43956 bytes) Float at Park 2.jpg (39961 bytes)
front of float & walkers  in parade.jpg (34533 bytes) kids on float.jpg (40853 bytes) kids on float 2.jpg (33432 bytes) float at roundabout.jpg (39627 bytes)
float_during_parade.jpg (36057 bytes) Float inParade 2.jpg (33916 bytes) Float inParade 3.jpg (25202 bytes) Float near End of parade.jpg (29746 bytes)
Float_during_parade_2.jpg (36542 bytes)

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