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Youth centre efforts continue
YOUNG Inverell residents are continuing their efforts to set up a youth resource centre in Inverell, through fundraising and increasing public awareness.
The project's steering committee has already become an incorporated body, entered a float in the Sapphire City Festival, and will hold a logo design competition soon. It will hold a fundraising car wash this afternoon from 4.30pm at Beaurepaires.
Inverell Community Health child and adolescent worker Meegan Shepherd devised the idea for the youth centre.
She thought young people needed where they could get together and find information on relevant issues such as mental and sexual 
health.Committee spokesperson Meagan Hungerford, who is in year 10 at Macintyre High School, agreed there were few places like this available.
"Lately there is really nowhere for kids to go, except for the skate [park, which some people find is not really their thing," she said. "If there was somewhere, it might help with problems like break-ins that happen because people are bored."
Meagan said it was vital that Inverell's under 25s help with the planning, because the committee and the centre belonged to them.
"We'll be doing a survey soon to find out what young people want and need in Inverell.

This article was printed in the Inverell Times Newspaper on 6 December 2002.