Youth helping youth
Youth in the Inverell area will soon find it easier to access services with the help of a group of community workers.
The Youth Resource Centre Committee was formed in September 2002 after Macintyre Year 10 student Meagan Hungerford and Meegan Sheppard from the Inverell Community Health Centre combined ideas on the need for youth services.
Meagan Hungerford had previously written to the Inverell Council to suggest the need for such a centre.
The committee has the support of Newtrain, a North West group which recently ran the NBN telethon to raise money for youth projects, and is close to making the idea of a resource centre for teenagers in Inverell a reality.
The centre will be a place where youth can
access the health services available to them while also going somewhere to meet with friends, create study groups and find help if needed.
Meagan is president of the committee and fellow Year 10 student Amy Forster is vice-president and treasurer.
"We really need something like this in Inverell," remarked Amy. "Teenagers would find it easier to get through difficult things if they had somewhere to go and some help along the way."
So far, promotion ideas have included entering a float into the Sapphire City Festival and appearing on the recent NBN telethon.
The Youth Resource Centre Committee is looking for further support and would like more help to make a Youth Resource Centre in Inverell a reality.

This article was printed in the Macintyre High School Supplement to the Inverell Times Newspaper on 6 December 2002.