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Youth Centre Support Sought

A series of surveys will go out this month in the hope of proving Inverell really needs a Youth Resource Centre.
That proof will then be used to apply for funding to get the project running as soon as possible.
The steering committee has also put together a more detailed plan that is intended to convince funding bodies that the community is serious about getting the facility established in Inverell.
A number of different surveys will be sent out to businesses, school and community members, with a return deadline of March 23.
The members will also meet with any relevant youth related groups such as church youth groups and scouts to ask for their opinions.
Committee member Jeremie Kerridge said the results would be presented at a future meeting of the Inverell Shire Council, and funding applications would go from there.
The committee has already saved up almost $670 through fundraisers such as car washes and a disco. There were plans to hold another dance during Youth Week (April 5-13), plus some information seminars to get the word out.

DETERMINED: Amy Forster and Meagan Hungerford met with Member for Northern Tablelands Richard Torbay to get suggestions for Inverell's proposed youth resource centre

Committee members Amy Forster and Meagan Hungerford met with Member for Northern Tablelands Richard Torbay recently to discuss the proposed facility, and said ‘he was all for the idea’.
“We have a lot of support, but a lot of people don’t know about it,” Meagan said.
But the number of committee members kept increasing as time passed, and as the dream came closer to becoming a reality.
“A lot of youth and community

members are expecting it to fall through because it has been tried before, but we’re still going, so people are seeing it’s going to be stable and it’s going to happen.”
The surveys can be obtained from and dropped off at KFC, the Inverell Shire Library, Gratyn’s Sporting Goods and The Premier Store.

*  Write to the
committee at PO Box 1061, Inverell 2360 with ideas, suggestions or questions

This article was printed in the Inverell Times Newspaper sometime in February or Early March  2003.